March 22, 23 & 24, 2024


Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy

Glenn Soberman & Susan Josephson

Zoom Three Day Workshop

March 22, 23 & 24, 2024

19.5 CEU’s for LCSW’s and LPC’s. 18 CEU’s available for psychologists through APA & NBCC.

Cost: $550 if registered by March 1st, then $570.

Workshop Details
This workshop offers a powerful and effective way to resolve trauma of all types. It integrates traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy with energy psychology and provides a way to help clinicians get to and resolve unconscious material that few other approaches offer. An overview of the history and theory of energy psychology and specific new skills will be taught.

An analysis of trauma and how it limits our functioning
Understanding the subtle energy systems in the body
Energy balancing
Surrogate muscle testing to communicate directly with the unconscious
How to test for neurological disorganization and dehydration
Diagnosing trauma and traumatic patterns
A trauma resolution protocol for treating trauma and traumatic patterns
Identifying psychological reversals to eliminate resistance
How to resolve negative core beliefs
How to instill positive core beliefs
Non­dual Awareness guided Meditation Practices

Coming up next at Crescent City Consortium: TRET II, online May 17 – 19, 2024. Mark your calendar and sign up to be notified as details become available.

What Therapists Are Saying

I have been a trauma therapist for 30 years, but had never worked with Energy Psychology. Dr, Glenn Soberman’s workshop, Trauma Recovery and Treatment (TRET®) provided me with an understanding of energy psychology as an approach to treating trauma.  It has made a significantly positive impact on my practice and the results I can achieve with my patients.  Long used to working with only  non-energetic methods of treating trauma, TRET® allows me to supplement my work in a different way, through helping patients release traumatic energy from their bodies in a way that brings relief to symptoms related to these traumas, and reduces activation to past traumas in their current lives.  Practice sessions during the workshop allowed me to experience TRET® firsthand, and I was profoundly moved by the depth of work that can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.  Dr. Soberman also provides instruction in Emotional Freedom Treatment, which works with the meridians, as well as other extremely helpful techniques.  This was the best workshop I have ever been to in terms of expanding my knowledge, getting solid training in new and different techniques, and feeling I am a more substantive therapist in general, with respect to what I can bring to my patients.  It has been a career changer.  I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of energy approaches to trauma treatment.
Susan Budney, Ph.D.

In an engaging and comprehensive workshop, Dr. Glenn Soberman, superbly taught us effective trauma resolution healing techniques that enabled me to confidently use the techniques with my clients. This workshop taught me how to identify and treat long term trauma underlying my clients issues including anxiety, dysfunctional behaviors, relationship issues and life stressors.  I have found that these techniques have accelerated their healing and given them the confidence to make changes in their lives, enabling them to grow and thrive. This was an invaluable workshop for me. I highly recommend this workshop for any practitioner. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Soberman for sharing his knowledge and wisdom.
Lydia Craigmyle Ph.D.

Glenn Soberman Bio

Glenn Soberman, Phd, is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach and an ordained interfaith minister with over 30 years of clinical experience. He has also been a certified teacher, therapist and supervisor of Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy (TRET) and Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) and currently has a private practice in Waterbury, VT. He has provided trainings in AIT to mental health professionals in North America, Central America and Europe. He is currently providing trainings in TRET level I and II. He is also a published author. His latest book is called: Letting Go: A Self Help Manual for Emotional Well-Being. He has also been an adjunct faculty professor at SUNY New Paltz and Marist College.

Susan Josephson Bio

Susan Josephson, MA, MSW is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice since 1982 in greater New Orleans. Most recently, she has been a certified teacher of Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy and a teacher and organizer of Advanced Integrative Therapy seminars. She also trained in conjoint family therapy with Virginia Satir, pre and perinatal psychology with William Emerson, PhD, Gestalt therapy, and Vann Joines’ personality adaptations. She is the founder of Crescent City Consortium, a group offering educational and experiential workshops, retreats, and training programs. She is also an author in the book Treating Trauma with Energy Therapy, A Casebook, Catherine Folkers, Ed., 2022.