Tony Roffers, Ph. D. 


Parental Projection Protocol

Zoom, February 27th
6 CEUs for LCSWs & LPCs (No Fees)
Cost $90

Crescent City Consortium is proud to present a Parental Projection Protocol workshop in February presented by Tony Roffer.

Tony developed the protocol after many years of  being consistently brought back to his clients’ early developmental traumatic patterns involving one or both parents or a step parent. This protocol can be used to identify parental traumatic patterns whether the client is conscious of their traumas or not. It also treats the connections (i.e. conditioned responses) that emanate from those traumas that continue to sabotage clients’ current life. Treatment sets them free to individuate and break free from their self limiting traumatic patterns and beliefs.

In addition to our parents we can also project how a step parent, sibling, grandparent, or teacher treated us onto people in our current life. Projections often occur toward our significant others: a spouse, lover, friend, or boss. Some projections generalize beyond these individuals to almost anyone. One goal of this protocol is to help us become more aware of our projections and how pervasive, persistent, and powerful they can be in limiting and distorting our current life. A second goal is to heal these patterns in a way that frees us to live in the present moment less encumbered by our past.

The protocol also addresses introjections: how we are often unaware of why we relate to ourselves in the way one or both of our parents related to us. Next, the protocol treats triggers: how we become emotionally upset and over-reactive when someone in our current life behaves toward us similar to the way our parents did. The protocol also treats the emotions and sensations left over from our traumatic patterns. Finally, we often allow others to treat us like our parents did because we got used to it. This needs to be transformed to no longer allowing us to be treated like our parents did.

Tony Roffers Bio

Tony Roffers received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Counseling Psychology.  He has served on the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco State University and Saint Mary’s College of California, where he trained hundreds of therapists on the masters and doctoral levels.  Dr. Roffers has trained in many forms of traditional psychotherapy but has more recently focused on the energy therapies.  He was one of the first professionals trained in Advanced Integrative Therapy in 1999 and served as Dr. Clinton’s educational consultant for designing the AIT Training Program as well as serving on the AIT Board of Directors for many years. He currently maintains a private practice in Oakland, California.