January 28 & 29, 2023

Two Day In Person Workshop.

CEU’s for LPC’s &  LCSW’s: 15.5 for the weekend. The venue is East Jefferson Hospital Conference Center from 9am – 6:30pm on Saturday and 9am – 6pm on Sunday.

Becoming Future Ancestors: New Orleans Family Constellations Workshop 

Camille Adair, RN & Bruce Nayowith, MD


Future Ancestor, you are the legacy of everyone who came before. Here is your place, where the present honors the future as it bows to the past.

This in person weekend event in New Orleans is a stand alone workshop and the culmination of a year long online program exploring various themes relevant to our past and how to live our lives with the future in mind for those who come after us. Attendance in prior workshops is not necessary but you can read about them here: 2022 Constellation Workshops.

Since 2019, Crescent City Consortium, along with local mental health professionals and coaches, has worked to bring ancestral and family healing to the New Orleans area. This January, as part of this initiative, you are invited to join colleagues trained in Family Constellation Therapy in a workshop led by their teachers, Camille Adair, APRN and Bruce Nayowith, MD who practice and teach internationally.

Constellations often open up movement in places that have been stuck, helping to release personal challenges, dysfunctional family patterns, and barriers to well-being and productivity. Findings in epigenetic research show that we can inherit not only our physiology but also certain family behavior patterns from our ancestors. Many of these are beyond conscious awareness but have a profound effect on our lives. Through working with family members, ancestors, homeland, and events to discover where the original disturbances in the family line occurred, Family Constellations helps the family system to move toward wholeness.

What to Look Forward To:
Saturday, January 28th will consist of an introduction to Constellations, followed by 5 – 6 people receiving a personal constellation assisted by the group. This powerful, experiential work reveals ‘movements of the soul’ and may initiate deep recovery from generational wounding.

If you are receiving a constellation, the facilitator will talk with you briefly and assist you in choosing representatives and placing them in the circle. At times, the facilitator may gently guide the movements of the representatives or suggest healing statements to help shift the system into a more harmonious alignment.

Members of the workshop may be invited to serve as representatives, which can be a powerful healing experience in itself. Once placed in a constellation, a representative’s task is to simply pay attention to their body’s sensations and allow the process to unfold naturally.

There is no role-playing involved. Representing often allows the representative to have experiences which can be very personally insightful, connecting, and, at times, healing.

What To Look Forward To:
Sunday, January 29th will continue with more Family Constellations while including topics of professional relevance, such as:

• Experiencing Family Constellation therapy through the client interview, “the setup,” selection of representatives, movements of the soul, and healing phrases.

• Identifying repetitions of rigid, chaotic family patterns generated from unhealed trauma.

• Engaging the emerging future through three fundamental constellation principles, belonging, order and acknowledgment.

• Understanding the ‘Orders of Helping’ by finding our right place in the client’s system.

• Learning how representation, on a soul level, is integrated into clinical practice as a helpful tool that supports the client and clinician.

The venue is East Jefferson Hospital Conference Center from 9am – 6:30pm on Saturday and 9am – 6pm on Sunday. More specific info will be sent when you register. Please bring food and drinks for yourself for the day (or you can purchase these in the cafeteria) and wear comfortable clothing.


Camille Adair Bio

Camille Adair, RN is the Director of the Institute for Systemic Relational Health and Co-Founder of Living Bridges, 501c3. Camille is an experienced constellation facilitator and teacher. She is the founder of the way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training Program and leads workshops and trainings in Santa Fe and Nashville. Camille is a speaker, documentary filmmaker and writer, specializing in re-learning human connection. Camille is a student of the New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts and Frontier University’s MSN, PMHNP program. 

Bruce Nayowith Bio

Bruce Nayowith M.D. was introduced to Constellations work in 2014 and has had a wide exposure to various teachers of systemic work, including a three-year facilitator training with Jamy and Peter Faust, and one-year trainings with Bill Mannle, Samvedam Randles, Francesca Mason-Boring, and Dan Booth Cohen and Emily Blefeld. Bruce has been a teacher, facilitator, and process designer, in the Way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training and Mentorship Community since 2020.

You can watch videos at the links below. You must use the password: ancestor (all lower case) to see the videos.

About Constellation Work

Camille introduces Bruce Nayowith

3 Basic Constellation Principles

Cross Cultural and Universal Principles

Representation and The Knowing Field