Coming In 2024

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In 2024, Crescent City Consortium will be hosting another in person three day Constellation workshop, preceded by two day long online experiential workshops. The focus will be Constellation Assisted Psychotherapy that is, how to integrate the concepts and techniques of Constellation Family Therapy into a therapist’s practice. Below are videos which speak to different aspects of Constellation Family therapy. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops. 

Camille Adair, RN & Bruce Nayowith, MD


Since 2019, Crescent City Consortium, along with local mental health professionals and coaches, has worked to bring ancestral and family healing to the New Orleans area. This January, as part of this initiative, you are invited to join colleagues trained in Family Constellation Therapy in a workshop led by their teachers, Camille Adair, APRN and Bruce Nayowith, MD who practice and teach internationally.

Camille Adair Bio

Camille Adair, RN is the Director of the Institute for Systemic Relational Health and Co-Founder of Living Bridges, 501c3. Camille is an experienced constellation facilitator and teacher. She is the founder of the way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training Program and leads workshops and trainings in Santa Fe and Nashville. Camille is a speaker, documentary filmmaker and writer, specializing in re-learning human connection. Camille is a student of the New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts and Frontier University’s MSN, PMHNP program. 

Bruce Nayowith Bio

Bruce Nayowith M.D. was introduced to Constellations work in 2014 and has had a wide exposure to various teachers of systemic work, including a three-year facilitator training with Jamy and Peter Faust, and one-year trainings with Bill Mannle, Samvedam Randles, Francesca Mason-Boring, and Dan Booth Cohen and Emily Blefeld. Bruce has been a teacher, facilitator, and process designer, in the Way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training and Mentorship Community since 2020.

You can watch videos at the links below. You must use the password: ancestor (all lower case) to see the videos.

About Constellation Work

Camille introduces Bruce Nayowith

3 Basic Constellation Principles

Cross Cultural and Universal Principles

Representation and The Knowing Field