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Crescent City


Sat Dec 12th, 10AM – 530PM CST
Sun Dec 13th, 10AM – 12PM CST

Liberating Yourself From The Inner Critic: An Introduction To The Diamond Approach
Presented By Ben Centanni & Dale Sides

Hosted by:
Questions:,  985-773-8882

A basic spiritual orientation is Love for the Truth. However, as we engage with a spiritual path we inevitably come across a particular obstacle, an inner agency that is constantly judging our experience as good or bad. This psychological structure limits our ability to be with our experience in the now. Join us Saturday for an all-day teaching on how to become more aware of the superego, our inner critic, as an important step to freeing ourselves from its unconscious and oppressive hold on us. 

To support your process with this teaching a small group led by a Diamond Approach teacher will follow on Sunday. This format, offers an opportunity to practice inquiry, the primary practice of the Diamond Approach.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This all-day workshop will include meditations, talks, and a chance to practice inquiry, the primary practice of the Diamond Approach.

Cost $160. If you need financial assistance, please contact Ben or Dale at the email addresses at the bottom of the page.


Ben Centanni has been a student of the Diamond Approach since 1999, and a teacher since 2016. He is also a public school teacher in Santa Cruz, CA. He is originally from New Orleans.


Dale Sides has been teaching the Diamond Approach since 2004. He has taught and assisted groups in California, the Midwest, and Europe. He lives in San Francisco and is originally from Baton Rouge.