Mending The Splits That Divide Us

Camille Adair, RN


A New Orleans Family Constellation Therapy Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, March 7th & 8th
East Jefferson Hospital Conference Center
Free Parking

13 CEUs for LCSWs & LPCs

$345 – Early Bird Cost: thru Feb 15th
$360 – Cost After Feb 15th

Crescent City Consortium is proud to present an extraordinary workshop in March presented by Camille Adair. Family Constellation Therapy is the standard therapeutic modality in parts of Europe and South America. It’s based on an ancient technology that was formalized for or the modern world.

Three key principles guide a constellation session: Belonging, Order and Acknowledgement. These principles allow individuals to release challenges, dysfunctional family patterns, and barriers to joy, freedom, health, and prosperity.

Join a growing community of warm hearted people committed to being present, receptive and open to serving each other and the greater good through highly sensitive, responsive relational fields.

Systemic Relational Family Constellation Work is generational healing that supports the resolution of inherited trauma and familial patterns that are often beyond conscious awareness and guides the family system toward wholeness.

When we are born, we not only inherit our physiology, we also inherit family behavior patterns that may have been carried for generations. This work helps release personal challenges, dysfunctional family patterns, barriers to joy, freedom, health and prosperity.

Constellation work initiates the process of generational balance and systemic order through belonging and acknowledgment. In addition to family systems, the benefits of systemic relational constellation work may be applied to all systems including organizations, businesses, groups, communities, countries, and the collective.

Camille Adair’s Systemic Relational Constellation Method is influenced by her practice of Jungian depth-psychology, mindfulness based emotional intelligence and work with the dying as a hospice nurse. 

Camille provides a unique approach to working with systems and relationships for a deeper understanding of individual, ancestral, and collective dynamics. She works with individual clients, provides workshops and trainings and supports efforts to humanize health care, and enhance organizational and global leadership by reestablishing the most essential pathways of connection.

Each day consists of 5 people doing their personal constellation work assisted by the group. You may be asked to serve as a representative in the work of others, which is a powerful healing experience in itself. If you are doing a constellation, the facilitator will talk with you briefly, assist you in choosing representatives and placing them in the circle. The family system will begin to unfold in the quiet language of the family soul and the facilitator will gently guide the system into wholeness through simple healing phrases and gestures.

Camille Adair Bio

Camille Adair, RN is the Director of the Institute for Systemic Relational Health and Co-Founder of Living Bridges, 501c3. Camille is an experienced constellation facilitator and teacher. She is the founder of the way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training Program and leads workshops and trainings in Santa Fe and Nashville. Camille is a speaker, documentary filmmaker and writer, specializing in re-learning human connection. Camille is a student of the New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts and Frontier University’s MSN, PMHNP program.