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The Constellation Wheel: Becoming Future Ancestors  

Camille Adair, RN & Bruce Nayowith, MD


Future Ancestor, you are the legacy of everyone who came before. Here is your place, where the present honors the future as it bows to the past.

All One Day Workshops Will Be Held On Saturdays Via Zoom. The Two Day In Person Final Workshop In 2023 Held On Saturday & Sunday. Each one day Saturday workshop is $110 plus CEU’s. There is a special package price (see registration form) but you must  purchase all seven workshops by Feb 5th. You must register for each workshop even if you purchase the bundle so we’ll know you’re coming.

Crescent City Consortium sponsors a Systemic Family Constellation (SFC) workshop offered in six one-day online workshops, culminating in either a two-day online or an in-person weekend workshop in New Orleans. SFC is becoming recognized as a potentially valuable tool for clinicians and leaders because it sheds light on unconscious influences -both personal and intergenerational – and enables us to view the relationship between our significant challenges and our transformational potential.

You must know how to attend a Zoom call to attend the workshop. Saturday workshops are 10 – 6 CT and the weekend workshop is Sat 9 – 6:30 and Sun 9 – 6 CT. Available CEU’s for LPC’s &  LCSW’s: 6.5 for one day weekends & 15.5 for the January 2023 weekend.

February 5, 2022    Love, Intimacy, and Human Bonding

Love, intimacy, and human bonding may well be the medicine of the future for the planet and all life. Learn how the basic principles of belonging, order, and acknowledgment transform the victim, perpetrator, rescuer paradigm of human relationships that keep us from wholeness and help us to move beyond the blind spots and barriers that keep us separate.

We will touch on the following themes:

  • Belonging and the orders of love
  • A body for the soul: Mammalian bonding
  • Tracking mother and father line disruptions
  • Consequences of generational trauma on authentic connection

April 2, 2022  Grief, Loss, Trauma, and Resilience

Explore your personal, familial, and ancestral relationship to this time in history where the planet’s conditions and the human species meet with time-sensitive urgency. How do we hold the reality of our fate? What needs careful attention, and how can suffering be transformed?

We will explore:

  • Ancestors and the realms of the past, present, and future
  • Homeland and the importance of place
  • The impact of unattended sorrow in family and collective fields
  • Hospice as a model for humanity, nature, and all living beings

June 4, 2022  Exploring the Other 

Constellations can support a rebalancing and restoration of systems by revealing what is unseen or out of place. We will explore how acknowledging the hard truths of the past may give us new strength and wisdom.

We will touch on the following themes:

  • How does the family soul inform culture and race relations?
  • How much of the past is still living in the present?
  • The systemic effects of exclusion

    October 1, Sat, 2022  Nature and Alchemy

    There are two great illusions: The first is that we are separate from nature; the second is that things remain the same.

    Connection and change are the underpinnings of experience. Alchemists studied nature to accelerate transformation. There are many parallels between constellations and alchemical processes – we will explore how these principles permeate the truth of our lives, and how our ancestors and nature continue to evolve and transform with us.

    • Self and the natural world: Experiential connections through Nature Constellations
    • Alchemical ingredients
    • Alchemical stages
    • The inner marriage of the masculine and feminine

    Nov 6th, SUNDAY, 2022  Evolving Our Understanding of Gender- Masculine, Feminine, Non-Binary… 

    Archetypal fields, including the masculine and feminine energies, are at the center of our collective and personal dramas. Together, we will look at our relationship to the tremendous forces that drive us to pass life on. We will experience the evolutionary edge of gender, language, and roles through symbols, metaphors, and myths embedded in cultural and family systems.

      • Relationship between mother, father, and gender
      • Evolution of fluidity and roles
      • Individual, archetypal, and collective expressions
      • What do the masculine and feminine energies want from us?

    You must know how to attend a Zoom call to attend the workshop. Saturday workshops are 10 – 6 CT and the weekend workshop is Sat 9 – 6:30 and Sun 9 – 6 CT.

    Available CEU’s for LPC’s &  LCSW’s: 6.5 for one day weekends & 15.5 for the January 2023 weekend.


    December 3, Sat, 2022  Individuation and Codividuation

    Growing “self” is the considerable risk for which we were born. 

    How do we become an authentic version of ourselves, and why is it essential in becoming a Future Ancestor? 

    How has the “family conscience” affected the expression of who we are? 

    What parts of ourselves have been banished or buried on behalf of conformity?

    We will explore these questions as we interact with relational fields to engage a call-and-response that is more about listening than finding answers.

    • What do our ancestors want from us and for us?
    • What is “ours to do?”
    • The world tree of life as a symbol
    • Emergent leadership
    • Tracking our relational footprint, now and, as a Future Ancestor


    January 28  & 29, 2023  

    Constellating Future Ancestors: A Systemic Family and Collective Constellation Workshop

    This weekend workshop in New Orleans, at the culmination of six online workshops, is intended to integrate and experience in-person constellations through relational fields. The design combines family and collective constellations, exercises for personal healing, clinical practice, and growing the constellation communities in Louisiana.

    • Engaging the Emerging Future: The future is created from three streams:

    -the freshly Emerging Future, 

    -repetitions of past patterns from Habit

    -rigid and chaotic patterns generated from unhealed Trauma.

    Through representation, we can contact the implicit/emerging future streams that constitute our callings and change our relationship with the repetitive streams from the past through belonging, order, and acknowledgment.

    • The Orders of Helping: Exploring our “right place” in the client’s system and appreciating the resources they already have.
    • “Not Too Big, Not Too Small” – Taking our place in our lineage of healing:

    As we stand in our “right place,” appreciating what is available to us – we take resources from our past and make them available for the present and the future.

    Experiential Neurobiology through Constellations: 

    Looking at the work through the lens of Dr. Daniel Siegel’s nine domains of integration.

    • Representation in the Therapy Setting: Learn how representation, on a soul level, is integrated into clinical practice as a helpful tool that supports the client and clinician.
    • Family Constellations in the tradition of Bert Hellinger: In each family constellation, you will experience the client interview, “the setup,” selection of representatives, movements of the soul, the language of the field, representation, belonging, order, acknowledgment, healing words, bringing closure to a constellation, how to “hold” the work, and how each constellation lends itself to deepening a group process.

    Camille Adair Bio

    Camille Adair, RN is the Director of the Institute for Systemic Relational Health and Co-Founder of Living Bridges, 501c3. Camille is an experienced constellation facilitator and teacher. She is the founder of the way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training Program and leads workshops and trainings in Santa Fe and Nashville. Camille is a speaker, documentary filmmaker and writer, specializing in re-learning human connection. Camille is a student of the New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts and Frontier University’s MSN, PMHNP program. 

    Bruce Nayowith Bio

    Bruce Nayowith M.D. was introduced to Constellations work in 2014 and has had a wide exposure to various teachers of systemic work, including a three-year facilitator training with Jamy and Peter Faust, and one-year trainings with Bill Mannle, Samvedam Randles, Francesca Mason-Boring, and Dan Booth Cohen and Emily Blefeld. Bruce has been a teacher, facilitator, and process designer, in the Way of the Warm Heart Constellation Training and Mentorship Community since 2020.

    You can watch videos at the links below. You must use the password: ancestor (all lower case) to see the videos.

    About Constellation Work

    Camille introduces Bruce Nayowith

    3 Basic Constellation Principles

    Cross Cultural and Universal Principles

    Representation and The Knowing Field